EntryPoint VMS – An Advanced Visitor Management Solution


it's not just about visitors


it works



Visitor dials his / her mobile number through the dial-in feature.


A new visitor's photo and ID proof is captured. Previous proof is sufficient for repeat visitors.


Confirmation is sent to the host with visitor photo and details (optional).


Once approved, a print pass or an epass is issued.

EntryPoint is a complete and an intelligent visitor management system that is integrated with hardware like boom-barriers, turnstiles, flip-gates, access control system, vehicle license plate recognition system, parking management system, etc.

It is a cloud based solution and requires no on-premise infrastructure.

It is not a one-VMS-fits-all solution. We have fine-tuned it to fit exact requirements. We help you perfect your processes as per your needs.

Our solution has 100+ features. See a few important ones as follows.


features of EntryPoint VMS

Real-Time Actions

All action happens in real-time - host notifications about visitor entry/exit, approvals, appointments, management access to on-the-ground issues, etc.

Paper or ePass

We provide paper pass or ePass solution depending on your requirements.


Operator, assisted, or self-kiosk mode - you can set it up as per your business case.


What works best for you? It's not a one-fit-all solution. It can be customised to your needs and processes.

Works Offline

EntryPoint VMS works even when offline. Data syncs on reconnection.

Emergency Alerts

The management or administration can broadcast emergency messages and alerts to all when needed.

Hardware Integrated

EntryPoint VMS seamlessly integrates with hardware - new as well as existing.

Data Guarantee

We assure zero data loss. Your data is safe, secure, and always ready for use.

Trends & Reports

You can access all information in a usable format. Your data is ready for use for further decision making.

Data Privacy

There is no scope for leakage of personal details. The process is foolproof. We never sell data - we give that guarantee.


For all the automation goals it accomplishes, EntryPoint VMS is highly cost-effective - benefits far outweigh costs.

User Friendly

1 second to approve a pre-registered entry. Less than 20 seconds for complete authentication of a guest.


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