Top 7 Hardware Integrated Visitor And Premises Management Solutions

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September 26, 2018
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December 22, 2018
Technological advancements in both hardware and software have brought access control solutions to the mainstream. They are becoming an increasingly effective means for a wide range of end users for securing office buildings, factory premises, government facilities, hotels and hospitals, and schools and colleges. More importantly, these systems are getting more and more digitized and, therefore, becoming a part of the visitor management solutions. We discuss here the top hardware and software integrated solutions that help secure and manage all types of premises across sectors.

Hardware Integrated Visitor Management System

Intelligent premises include an advanced visitor management system. They are cloud- and mobile-based as well as integrated with access control hardware such as access cards that come with a wide range of uses and complexity. Visitors and staff get easy but selective access to the premises and the areas within it. For example, staff is given NFC cards that record all their details including time log and attendance. Only authorized personnel may be given entry to highly sensitive zones within the premises.

Biometrics System

Facial recognition and fingerprint reading are becoming more common across sectors. Its integration with cloud and mobile is the latest on offer in digitization of the security and management of premises and people.


Turnstiles and flap barriers are no longer confined to being just access control hardware. They are becoming increasingly integrated with visitor management systems, parking management, facilities operations, and so on and are playing an important role in digitizing buildings and premises management and operations.

Boom Barriers

Boom barriers no longer need a crew to operate them. They are getting digitized!

Parking Automation

An end-to-end parking solution has to be hardware and software integrated. Parking tickets are QR code based, boom barriers are digitized, LED display boards show parking slot info, a guard patrols the bay for rule violation and issues instant penalty tickets, a camera reads the number plates automatically - and all of these information is available on a smartphone in real-time.


An integrated automatic number plate reader (ANPR) provides all number plate information on your mobile.

Guard Patrol

And finally, an integrated guard patrol system involves hardware, software, and human intervention. For example, a guard patrols areas such as office or factory premises and parking bays and levies penalty tickets for rule violations. All such activities can be monitored in real-time.

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