Water Supply Tankers – Who’s Monitoring Delivery At Your Premises?

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August 2, 2018
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September 26, 2018

Water is a critical commodity and an important part of premises and facilities management in the corporate, private, and government sphere. A wide range of organisations across industries  – business premises, factories, residential apartments, hotels and hospitality, schools and colleges, etc. – buy the services of water supply operators for their water needs.

They have to ensure there is uninterrupted water suppy at all times and, therefore, are often dependent on the unorganised, private water service operators for their day-to-day need.

However, despite the regularity and scale in which gallons of water are supplied to business and private premises, mismanagement of supplies at the point of delivery, organisation and residential level, is rampant. For example, details of actual deliveries are entered manually in paper registers, which is prone to errors and misuse, at best, and go unrecorded at worst.

Manual entry of information leads to errors, misappropriation, and unaccountability at all levels – since no one in particular is responsible for recording the details of delivery and related activities in the first place. This is one reason why most organisations prefer to keep things straightforward – for example, fix load supplies beforehand at a pre-agreed price.  

The problem of error and misappropriation, leading to significant losses in the long run, is widespread with no viable solution in the market except a few. Organisations can in no way verify details such as reglarity and timeliness of water deliveries, whether the actual suppy has taken place, details of vendors as against their supplies, etc.

The reason why the details of water deliveries are difficult to monitor is clear –  all activities in the water supply process from operator registration to the tanker’s entry to and exit from the premises is paper register and slip based. The details are recorded manually – chance of slippages are high. In many cases, security guards are hand-in-glove with delivery tankers. Some locations do not even bother to keep paper registers just because the benefits do not add up.

An intelligent premises management solution closes all the loopholes present in manual processes and systems. It not only eliminates manual tasks by digitizing the monitoring, tracking, and control of water supplies and vendors but also manages multiple gates, premises, locations, and vendors and measure all activities for future references or decision making.

An intelligent premises management solution not only registers water supply operators but also enables the live tracking and monitoring of deliveries and their details. Authorities have access to all details in real time. Not like a CCTV camera but in terms of capturing relevant details of the actual delivery such as in and out time and date, vehicle numbers, chalan numbers, invoices, pictures, driver details, etc. The facility authorities or management can have live access to these details – including of course, the actual delivery of water. And, if the premises management solution is IoT based, the amount of water delivered can also be captured instantly. This goes a long way in preventing malpractices from the start.

Capture relevant details of the actual delivery such as in and out time and date, vehicle numbers, chalan numbers, invoices, pictures, driver details, etc.

One imporant benefit of a premises management system is that it creates a high level of accountability – makes every person involved in the process accountable – for example, security guards – who’s ids are tagged against the details of the particular delivery on a certain date and time that he / she might have overseen.

Another significant advantage of having an intelligent premises solution to manage premises is payments to the operators – it’s super quick, efficient, and error-free. All details are backed up by the relevant authenticated data. Facility managers need not fret over such administrative and operational issues anymore.


Benefits of an intelligent premises management system in managing water tankers

  • Record the minutest of details in seconds

  • No more malpractices on the ground

  • Save money from losses incurred due to malpractices

  • Manage multiple vendors and locations effortlessly

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