Is Your Visitor Management System Intelligent Enough?

What Really Is An Intelligent Premises?
March 19, 2018
  • Current visitor management systems are ill-equipped to handle emerging security challenges in business premises.

Current Concerns

Business parks, financial centers, factories, and hospitals spend a good amount of time and money on managing their premises.

Yet, safety and security concerns remain high. Management issues bog businesses down.   

Systems aren’t efficient enough. Why?

Here are a few day-to-day scenarios we looked into. In factories and financial centers. Including those that log in thousands of visitors each day.

We asked top management these questions:

  • Are you aware of who and what gets in and out of your premises? And when?
  • Do you have immediate access to ground realities? Can you, for example, track staff proxy, material pilferages, or vehicle fuel / kilometer tampering on the go.

There was uncertainty in the responses. Even serious concerns.

It confirmed what we had suspected from the beginning:

Current visitor management systems are ill-equipped to handle emerging security challenges in business premises.

Premises Management Automated

We therefore developed the concept of Intelligent Premises, keeping unique business requirements in mind.

Your premises needs a foolproof system. An intelligent visitor management system.

One that authenticates, controls, and tracks thousands of entries and exits of people and things:

New and repeat visitors, staff, materials, vehicles, assets.

All in real-time.

Here are just a few of the actions that businesses can take using an intelligent VMS:

  • Be in complete control of who and what enters and exits your premises
  • Track material, assets, and vehicle whereabouts and location – inward and outward, transfer, returnable. You can now effortlessly prevent staff proxy, material pilferage, misuse of vehicles, false fuel claims, etc.
  • Track staff time logs and attendance, get rid of proxy issues

VMS – EntryPoint – can take care of all the above issues, making your premises an Intelligent Premises.

We hate lists.

But if that’s the only way to inform you of the benefits that EntryPoint offers, let’s get to the point.

  • Highly customizable, fulfilling diverse business needs
  • Live tracking of people and things
  • No infrastructure cost
  • ePass for paper-free solution
  • Works on mobile and cloud
  • Works offline
  • Fail-safe with 99.97% uptime
  • Completely secure and reliable
  • Data privacy and security
  • Right data at the right fingertips
  • Integration with hardware
  • Constant upgrades

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