What Really Is An Intelligent Premises?

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March 16, 2018
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May 25, 2018

What Really Is An Intelligent Premises?

We bet you aren’t quite sure.


Because we put these words together. You won’t find it in Google. Well, not as we hit publish.

But more importantly, because it’s a new area.

Fast forward simple visitor management systems to complete solutions that manage entire premises effortlessly. Solutions that leverage modern technologies, both software and hardware, to help transform premises into intelligent premises.

We’re getting close. Any premises can become an intelligent premises using integrated, smart solutions.

Yet, it is not just about a simple shift from manual processes to incoherent processes of systems and hardware. It is about a major leap towards foolproof security and a heightened ease and speed of use in a well-integrated system.

Towards making premises intelligent.

We are not talking only about a visitor check-in or check-out process. Or, reporting functionalities.

An intelligent premises is about these and much more.

Let us take you through a few of the features of an intelligent premises.

What’s the entry process like?

Entry and exit in an intelligent premises is super smooth. And visitor authentication, super quick. It’s a breeze for the guests as well as security.

You are in control.

Worried about what’s happening on the ground? Not in an intelligent premises.

No matter how many visitors your premises handles daily – hundreds or thousands – you can monitor who comes in and goes out. At all times.

It recognises various categories of people and things.

Yes, who and what enters and exits the premises and everything and everyone in between. Even your staff or interviewees or unmovable assets, for example. You can keep a tab on the following within your premises ecosystem:

    1. People – new guests, staff, helpers, delivery boys, vendors, domestic helps and cooks at residential apartments, students and parents at schools
    2. Things – vehicles, cabs, materials, water tankers, couriers, assets, permission slips
    3. Intangibles – duties, incidents

They’re all trackable.

Everything and everyone is trackable within the premises ecosystem. Authenticating and verifying someone – be it an insider or outsider – takes seconds.

And measurable.

No more scope for manipulation of information. It’s secure and always ready for use for any decisions that affects your business.

It is highly effective in establishing accountability.

There is heightened accountability at all levels due to checks and balances in place.

An intelligent premises eliminates misuse and pilferages of resources as it cuts down people dependency to an extraordinary extent. It manages vendors, material and vehicle movements, resources, duties assigned, incidents, etc. down to the minutest details in a fast and secure manner. All in real-time.

It is not an incoherent process of manual systems or hardware and software.

In an intelligent premises, software and hardware is well-integrated. Be it the simplest of paper or epass or biometric devices and access control systems, all are seamlessly integrated with the software. It is based on the latest technologies – cloud computing, edge computing, serverless computing, mobile technologies, and so on.

An important point to note is, of course, there is no limit as to how much one can achieve in making a premises intelligent.

Most of the industry currently is unaware, and some of the players are only stepping into the waters.

But we’re super excited.

As technology speeds up, there’s so much more that can be accomplished. We’re constantly working on it.

Keep watching out for more.    

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